You may contact the sellers or the sellers’ representative (an agent, broker or intermediary) directly via email or phone. Businessbuysell.biz does not have any further information other than those available on this site as we are not a broker or an intermediary but only an online advertising medium.  
You can do it by choosing the feature ad option available to you when you compose your new ad.  You may even do it after you have posted your ad by editing your ad in your dashboard site.

It will be according to the plan you choose unless you choose to delete it before the expiry date.

There is normally a few minutes delay before your posting is removed from our site. This will be completed within certain time frame.

You need to login into your account and go to “My Posting” on your dashboard site and click on the “View Current Posting”. There you can perform edit, extend, publish, unpublish or remove permanently in your listing profile.

We ask for your phone number in case if we need to contact you to clarify information about your advertisement.

Your image could have been deleted by our ad checking team because it did not adhere to our Rules of Advertising.

There are two possible reasons for this:

Your ad has not yet been checked by our ad checking team; or
Your ad has not been approved because it did not adhere to our Rules of Advertising. 

Please check your email account for an email from us that we have sent to you those instructions on how to re-post your ad.

The ID Checked is done on sellers when they have successfully completed the order before posting of their advertisement. The verification process includes checking of the following:
Phone ID
Business Registration Number 
Businessbuysell.biz encourages sellers to put their details as accurate and complete as possible to increase credibility and confidence within the community.

A "member profile" also called a "buy side profile" can be created by any of the following

  • Individual Investors and Buyers
  • Strategic Investors and Acquirers
  • Private Equity firms
  • Venture Capital firms
  • Advisors such as M&A advisors, Financial Consultants, Investment Bankers and Business Brokers
You contact details and name are not publicly discolsed.
We understand the level of confidentiality required in strategic transactions and we strive to provide a safe and secure experience for our members. Please review our privacy policy.
We require the range of investments you are interested in so that we can alert you about relevant business opportunities.

Strategic Partners